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9-1-1 Dispatch Headsets
6-Wire Corded PTT Headset Amplifiers 
Plantronics SHS1890-XX 6-Wire PTT Headset Amplifier
SHS 1890-10
$178.00$158.00 ADCOM Business H & S
  • Push to Talk amplifier 
  • Connects H-Series headset top to 6-wire controller & dispatch operation 
  • 10' Length 
  • Allows the use of a wide variety of receiver styles, each with an Acoustic Limiter, frequency range of 300 to 3300 Hz & less than 5% distortion 
  • Features lockable/non-lockable push to talk switch 
  • Available in 3 different lengths: 10', 15' & 25' 
Plantronics SHS1890-XX 6-Wire PTT Headset Amplifier
$184.00$164.00ADCOM Business H & S
Same features as the SHS1890-10, but has a 15' cord.
Plantronics SHS1890-XX 6-Wire PTT Headset Amplifier
$204.00$184.00ADCOM Business H & S
Same features as the 1890-10, but has a 25' cord.
Starkey Headsets

Manufacturer Discontinued

$126.00ADCOM Business H & S
  • Compatible with any standard 6-wire Dispatch or 911 telephone system 
  • Push-to-Transmit (PTT) switch for remote keying of emergency radio links 
  • Compatible with any earset or headset 
  • Receive (RX) volume control 
  • Fully-adjustable transmit (TX) gain 
  • Clear, natural sound at both ends of the line 
  • 2-Year No-Worries Warranty 
6-Wire Cordless PTT Headset Amplifiers

CA10CD Dispatch w/ PTT
Manufacturer Discontinued

Replacement batteries in stock Order CA B-750

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CA10CD Cordless Headset for Dispatch / 911
$490.00ADCOM Business H & S
  • Allows the use of any H-series headset top in 6-wire operations where a wireless Push-to-Talk system is required. 
  • PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) dual prong connector (can be ordered with other connectors). 
  • 10-foot (extended) console interface coil cord. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of communications consoles. 
  • Push-to-talk button with momentary operation and illuminating talk indicator. 
  • Adjustable microphone and receiver levels. 
  • Extra battery included for a total of eight hours continuous use. 
  • Includes 1 PLT Pocket Leather Case for added protection. 
  • User selectable manual or automatic channel assignment.
Plantronics CA12CD 6-Wire PTT Dispatch Wireless Headset
CA12CD PTT Adapter
$590.00  $442.00ADCOM Business H & S
  • Digital (DECT™) technology operating in the 1.9GHz radio band provides superior voice clarity and security. 
  • Industry standard ergonomic design of PTT unit. 
  • Robust PTT switch with selectable locking/non-Locking operational modes. 
  • Two charging wells; one for the remote unit while the other facilitates charging the extra battery pack (supplied with unit). 
  • Lithium-Ion battery packs provide longer talk time (approximately 8 hours) and faster recharge rates. 
  • Quick Disconnect™ facilitates use with Plantronics H Series headset tops. 


Now available from ADCOM Business H & S : Replacement batteries extended to 12 or 20 hours.

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4-Wire Corded Plug-Prong Headset Amplifiers 
P10 Plug-prong Amplifier w/ Volume Control
P10 Plug-Prong Amplifier
$110.00$90.00ADCOM Business H & S
  • Plugs into operator consoles, PBXs and most carbon ACDs 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Durable and portable 
  • Volume adjust and automatic gain control 
  • Quick Disconnect for added freedom 
  • Can use any H-Series headset
Starkey Headsets


GPCXF Plug Prong HeadSet Amplifier
$115.00ADCOM Business H & S
  • Extremely compact, light and rugged 
  • Compatible with any earset or headset 
  • Fully-adjustable transmit (TX) gain 
  • Clear, natural sound at both ends of the line 
  • 2-Year No-Worries Warranty 
GN Netcom

GN Netcom AT3 / AT3M

AT3 or AT3M 
$106.00 $80.36ADCOM Business H & S  
  • Mute LED to indicate when the mute mode is activated 
  • Full range volume control enables users to set comfort level 
  • Voice switching to eliminate background noise when user is not speaking 
  • FailSafe Compression to provide a constant output level with varying input signals; boost the weak and reduce the strong. 
  • A patent pending circuit that prevents clipping and distortion as well as safe guards the user against acoustic spikes. 
  • Field replaceable headset cord 
  • Unique 90 degree bendable housing to minimize space usage
  • Works with all GN headset tops
AT3 (No Mute)

AT3M (With Mute)



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