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Plantronics Headsets
Plantronics Computer PC Headsets

Plantronics computer PC headset products provide superior comfort, durability and audiophile-approved sound. These computer PC headsets and microphones are perfect for online chat, Internet telephony, speech recognition, video conferencing, music and multimedia games. 

Plantronics .Audio 770 Virtual Surround Sound Headset
.Audio™ 770 Virtual Surround Sound Headset Mfg Discontinued see Gamecom 677
Plantronics® .Audio 770 headset’s open-ear USB digitally-enhanced virtual surround sound 3D audio and strong bass performance ensure that you don’t just hear the game—you feel it. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP Stereo Headset
Audio™ 750 DSP Stereo Headset $69.95
The Plantronics® .Audio 750 DSP headset employs DSP technology for unmatched audio quality for rich stereo music, DVDs, gaming, and Internet calling. Use an analog connection into your PC or the USB sound card. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 650 USB Multimedia Stereo Headset
.Audio™ 650 USB Multimedia Stereo Headset 
Enter a zone of pure audio extravagance, where plush, supple comfort and bass-enriched resonance redefine the multimedia experience. The .Audio 650 USB is ideal for gaming, music, Internet talk, video conferencing, and voice applications. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 645 USB Behind-the-Head Stereo Headset
.Audio™ 645 USB Behind-the-Head Stereo Headset $39.95
The Plantronics® .Audio 645 USB headset combines rich stereo sound with digitally enhanced voice quality for Skype®, Windows Live™, or Yahoo® Messenger Internet calling. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 625 USB Stereo Headset
.Audio™ 625 USB Stereo Headset $39.95
Electrify your audio experience with rich, resonant stereo. The .Audio 625 USB brings acoustically accurate comfort to talking, gaming, video conferencing, and unbridled tune jamming. It features a noise-canceling, telescoping microphone to enhance speech accuracy and offers soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions.
Plantronics .Audio 610 USB Single-Ear Headset
.Audio™ 610 USB Single-Ear Headset $29.95 Mfg Discontinued See .Audio 625
Plug the Plantronics® .Audio 610 USB headset into your PC and start calling – choose the analog connection or the USB sound card. USB-enhanced digital sound ensures consistent audio quality every time. 
Plantronics .Audio 480 USB Virtual Phone Booth
.Audio 480 USB Virtual Phone Booth $99.95
The Plantronics® .Audio 480 USB Virtual Phone Booth is like having a private, portable oasis of sound while you’re traveling. Listen to music, watch movies, or make Internet calls from your laptop without distraction. 
Plantronics .Audio 470 USB Headset
.Audio™ 470 USB Headset $49.95
The Plantronics® .Audio 470 USB headset combines portability with your choice of analog or USB connection. Outstanding digital sound quality makes Internet calls, music, and DVDs sound even better. A personalized fit, lightweight design, and fingertip controls deliver hours of comfortable use for discerning mobile professionals — whether working or relaxing. read more...
Plantronics DSP 400
DSP 400 Foldable PC Headset $74.95
Plantronics DSP-400 digitally-enhanced foldable stereo headset with full-range stereo sound. The foldable design allows for easy storage and transport. Listen to your CDs, DVDs, or MP3 files. Its noise-canceling microphone enhances speech accuracy. Plantronics PerSono™ Audio Control Center Software available via internet download. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 480 Headset
.Audio 480 Headset Mfg. Discontinued See .Audio 480 USB
The Plantronics® .Audio 480 is like having a private, portable oasis of sound while you’re traveling. Listen to music, watch movies, or make Internet calls from your laptop without distraction. A noise-canceling microphone lets callers hear you clearly. In seconds, simply stow the headset and be on your way. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 450
.Audio™ 450 Mfg. Discontinued See .Audio 480 USB
Make life portable with Plantronics .Audio™ 450 headset, designed for on-the-go users who relish talking, gaming, and jamming on their laptops. The .Audio 450 offers dual earbuds for rich stereo sound, the discreet Flex Grip® design for secure wear, and a bendable, QuickAdjust™ noise-canceling microphone for optimal fit and clarity. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 440 Multimedia Headset
.Audio 440 Multimedia Headset MFG Discontinued See .Audio 480 USB
Plantronics® .Audio 440 portable stereo earbuds fit into the smallest laptop case, a crowded briefcase, or a purse. When you’re finished listening, stow and go. Watch a DVD, listen to music or a Podcast—all in full-range stereo. Callers only hear you—not the wind with the WindSmart® in-line microphone. 
Plantronics .Audio 370 Multimedia Computer Headset
.Audio™ 370 Mfg. Discontinued See Gamecom 377
Fuel the excitement of team gaming with the Plantronics .Audio 370 ‘Open Ear’ headset. Maximum bass and a lightweight, adjustable headband provide hours of sound intensity in form-fitting comfort. Also ideal for music listening and gaming. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 365 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset
.Audio™ 365 Closed-Ear Gaming Headset Mfg Discontinued See Gamecom 367

Rugged and durable, the Plantronics® .Audio 365 headset immerses you in the game with a closed-ear design and 50mm speakers that deliver resonant stereo and booming bass. The microphone reduces background noise—simply stow it when not in use. And the lightweight, adjustable headband has foam ear cushions for superior comfort. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 350
.Audio™ 350 Ultimate Performance Headset Mfg Discontinued See .Audio 355

Accelerate your gaming experience to the maximum speed of sound. The .Audio™ 350 Ultimate Performance headset supercharges games, music, Internet talk and PC voice applications with bass-boosting, full-range stereo resonance. Pillow-soft ear cushions, inline volume and mute controls, and a noise-canceling microphone ensure an exceptional gaming and multimedia experience. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 345 Behind-the-Head Stereo Headset
.Audio™ 345 Behind-the-Head Stereo Headset Mfg Discontinued See .Audio 645

For quality and versatility, choose the Plantronics® .Audio 345 multimedia headset. Forty-millimeter speakers deliver studio-quality audio with maximum bass response—so music, DVDs, and games are even more enjoyable. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 325 Stereo Headset
.Audio™ 325 Stereo Headset $21.95
The Plantronics® .Audio 325 delivers full-range stereo, Internet calling, and comfort. An adjustable boom brings the microphone close to your mouth for conversation and stows conveniently when listening to music, Podcasts, or DVDs. Noise-canceling features reduce background noise for callers. read more...
Plantronics .Audio 310
Audio™ 310 Multimedia Headset Mfg. Discontinued See .Audio 325
Get vocal with the Plantronics .Audio™ 310, designed specifically for speech and voice applications. A superior noise-canceling microphone enhances speech accuracy while the monaural design keeps you tuned to your surroundings. The QuickAdjust™ telescoping boom ensure full control over speech-based applications, Internet talk, and multiplayer gaming. read more...

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