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Aastra Telephones
Warranty & Repairs are Handled Through the Manufacturer

Aastra 480i VoIP Telephone
Aastra 480i VoIP Telephone

*Prices subject to change without notice
Large display Eight-line backlit screen with six context sensitive softkeys provides more information and flexibility in call handling 
Enhanced Call Management  Large storage for personal directory, callers log, and redial list 
Tight Integration Support for Sphericall MGCP and multiple SIP IP telephony systems including BroadWorks®, Nortel, Sylantro and Asterisk 
Multiple Line/Call Appearance Lights Support up to 9 simultaneous calls. Juggle multiple calls easily with a single press of a button 
Shared Call Appearances  Shared calls allow you to place a call on hold at one set and pick it up easily at another set 
Remarkable Audio  Quality speakerphone with excellent voice clarity and delivery 
Protect Your Investments  Firmware upgrades can be downloaded and installed in the field as standards develop and protocols evolve 
Less Wiring  Built in dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports let you share a connection with your computer. Inline power support eliminates power adapters 

Product Specification:

2 position desk stand 
24.9 cm W x 14.7 cm D x 11.5cm D (9.8''W x 5.8''D x 4.5''H) 
850 g (30.0 oz.)

Compatible with IEEE 802.3af inline power device 
Optional Power Over Ethernet (POE) injector available for networks that do not supply power

Handset / Headset 
Modular RJ9 headset connector, compatible with amplified business headsets 
Hearing aid compatible handset 
Quality speakerphone

3.5'' x 2.25'', 8 line, backlit display

Feature Keys 

  • 4 call appearance lines 
  • 4 navigational keys 
  • 6 customizable softkeys; programmable up to 18 functions. 
  • 8 predefined hard keys for most common call handling functions including Call Transfer, Conference, Intercom, Hold, Redial, Mute
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports 
  • Manual or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) IP address setup 
  • Time and date synchronization using SNTP 
  • Built-in HTTP server for web administration and maintenance 
Server provisioned user configuration files

Protocols / Codecs IETF SIP (RFC3261) IETF MGCP (RFC3435) G.711 ?-law / A-law G.729

Feature Highlights* Up to 9 call appearance lines. Personal directory. Call forward. Call transfer. Call waiting. Caller and calling line information. Callers log. Conference. Hold. Redial list. Live dial pad or pre-dial support Broadsofts BroadWork's enhanced SIP support for Intercom, Shared Call Appearances, CommPilot Call Manager Nortel's MCS SIP support  Conferencing, Voicemail, and NAT Traversal support Sphere's Sphericall MGCP support - BLF, Intercom

* Feature availability dependent on IP telephony system

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