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Jabra GN 9330 Wireless HeadsetBack

Jabra GN 9330 Wireless Headset  $218.50
Manufacturer Discontinued

The new Jabra GN 9330 is our best wireless headset ever. Equipped with NEW DECT™ 6.0 technology, this stylish, ultra light headset delivers exceptional sound up to 200 feet from your phone. Plus, it's Wi-Fi friendly and secure, letting you talk without interference.

No other headset has ever been this easy to set up and use. The GN 9330 connects effortlessly and quickly to virtually all telephones and its simplistic, intuitive headset controls make it easy to operate. Also available is a 9330 USB model for computer use, with true wideband audio at 6.8 kHz frequency bandwidth (twice that of traditional telephony). This greater bandwidth makes computer-based IP conversation exceptionally clear, enhancing quality and detail.

Check out the long list of innovative features!

DECT™ 6.0 technology — delivers exceptional sound quality and is Wi-Fi friendly and secure.

Up to 200-foot wireless range — lets you move hands free and unhindered throughout your workday.

Up to 9 hours of talk time — for telephone use; 6 hours of talk time when using the 9330 USB model for computer-based IP telephony. 43 hours of standby time ensures your GN 9330 is always ready for action.

True wideband audio (9330 USB model) — at 6.8 kHz frequency bandwidth (twice that of traditional telephony) makes computer-based IP conversation exceptionally clear, enhancing quality and detail.

Noise-cancelling mic — transmits your voice clearly, even in the noisiest environments.

2 Wearing styles — let you choose from over-the-head or over-the-ear to suit your particular preference.

Lightweight comfort — at less than an ounce so you'll barely notice you're wearing it.

Extend your freedom with remote answering! — Answer and hangup without returning to your desk. When your phone rings, the GN 1000 RHL sends an audible signal right through your GN 9330 headset. To answer, simply activate your headset and your phone's handset will be lifted off-hook automatically, so you can take the call. The handset is also lowered back into place automatically when you end the call. No more mad dashes across the office. And no more missed calls.

The GN 1000 RHL's ring detector feature may not work with some AT&T phones. All other functions work perfectly. Please call toll free to see if your phone is compatible. Also, the GN 1000 RHL will only work when you use the GN 9330 with your desk phone. This headset is compatible with most corded desk phones.


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